Welcome to The Pleasurdome

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

The Pleasuredome is a premium programme of nightclub classics from the 80s and 90s presented by former professional club and radio DJ Steve Hart.

Each family-friendly Pleasuredome show features 12-inch remixes, rare grooves and classic sequence-mixes, as well as news of legendary performers still on tour – all delivered in Steve’s unique high-energy style that’s punctuated with attention-grabbing jingles.

The show is available for £2.50 a week via a PayPal subscription which can be cancelled at any time. Once your subscription starts you will be sent a show download link every Thursday.

Your first email will include a link to the previous week’s show as well as the latest one.

Pleasuredome shows are 60 minutes duration, there’s a new one every week,  and each is offered as single high quality MP3 file (128kb, -3db) via DropBox. Only paying subscribers can broadcast the show. i.e; should you stop being a paid subscriber, any shows you already have cannot continue to be broadcast and should be deleted.

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