The Pleasuredome Mobile disco

Hi and Welcome to The Pleasure Dome!

This is the home of the original Pleasure Dome radio show of 80s club classics, hosted by Steve Hart. The weekly radio show is undergoing a format change, and new shows will be ready for syndication to licensed broadcasters in January 2018.

If you want to find out more about the radio show please click here.

DJ Steve is based in Auckland and is available for residencies and guest appearances at venues that demand their DJs play the best dance floor fillers from clubland; that’s house, garage, electronica, trance, jazz funk and soul.

Steve specializes in 80s and 90s club classics, as well as today’s floor fillers. So if you want someone who’s a step up from your average DJ, someone who has presence and personality, then it’s time to call Steve; 021 122 44 24.

About Steve Hart

Steve Hart – personality DJ

Steve Hart is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and first began working as a club DJ in the UK.

For almost 15 years Steve spun and mixed house, garage and soul music as a professional full-time club and radio DJ before taking time out to pursue other passions. He returned to the studio in 2013 to launch The Pleasure Dome club music radio show.

Steve is a great ‘personality’ DJ, has been known to play along to the music with a range of percussion instruments (ask to see his maracas!) and he’s a mean beat-mixer.


Contact Steve Hart

Call 021 122 44 24 or use the form below…