The Pleasure Dome Club Countdown is coming…

The Pleasure Dome Club Countdown is a premium radio show featuring the week’s top 20 floor fillers

For radio stations worldwide.

The Pleasure Dome Club Countdown is a fast-paced rundown of the week’s top 20 dance floor fillers that will be an exciting programme ending with the week’s number one dance track.

The Pleasure Dome Club Countdown will be delivered in three segments of around 18 minutes each to make up a 56 minute hour with 4 minutes for your ads / station idents.

Club Countdown shows will not appear on Mixcloud or any other platform – they are exclusive to member broadcasters.

No upfront payments, contract, or subscription is required.

We’ll just email you each week with a link to an exclusive show page and you choose whether to click through and download that week’s chart rundown.

Complete the form below and we’ll send you a one-time email in March (2019) to let you know when the first Club Countdown is ready to download.

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About Steve

DJ Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a consummate radio professional who worked as a full-time club DJ during the 80s and 90s.

Steve worked as resident DJ at clubs including Nero’s 2000, Oceans 11 and Woody’s (all in Kent); as well as Southend-on-Sea clubs the iconic Zero 6, Zhivago’s, Sam Lords, Electric Blue and High Society.

Work in radio includes London pirates, Radio Top Shop, Basildon Radio, Southend Radio, the BBC and commercial radio.

The Pleasure Dome brings people together as one; to pulsate in a temple of sound to enjoy dance music that transcends time; dance club classics from across the decades, today’s faves and tomorrow’s floor fillers.