Pleasuredome syndication

The Pleasure Dome! It’s full of stars

The new Pleasure Dome radio show will relaunch in mid January 2018 and feature the best dance club classics from across the decades, today’s faves and tomorrow’s floor fillers.

Shows will include rare extended remixes, hard-to-find mashups, sequence mixes, thumping megamixes and old favourites with a twist!

And the best of house, EDM, techno, trance, jazz funk and soul.

The Pleasure Dome brings listeners together as one; to pulsate in an imaginary temple of sound and enjoy music that transcends time.

Pleasure Dome shows are available for syndication to licensed broadcasters running LPFM, Net and community radio stations.

Each show is just NZ $5 (about £2.50) via PayPal subscription (you can cancel at any time).

Subscription form coming soon…

The Pleasure Dome

DJ Steve Hart

Steve is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and first began working as a club DJ in the UK.

For almost 15 years Steve spun and mixed house, garage and soul music as a professional full-time club and radio DJ before taking time out in the mid 90s to pursue other passions.

Steve is a great ‘personality’ DJ, has been known to play along to the music with a range of percussion instruments (ask to see his maracas!) and he’s a mean beat-mixer. He specialises in house, trance, soul, jazz funk, and EDM.


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