Review – Easy, The Jet Boot Jack Club mix

Listen to my review featuring the new remix of Easy.

A surprise track popped up this week in The Pleasure Dome mix box, a remix of Easy; a 1977 track by The Commodores and featuring the vocals of Lionel Ritchie (he left the Motown group in 1982 to go solo).

Back in 1977 (and for a few years after) the UK top 10 hit (it got to No9) was a guaranteed smoochie floor filler for lovers everywhere. The gentle piano intro, and the sing-along chorus was a DJ slow-set classic.

But in a world where so many people (me included) are looking back to see what old tracks still work today, someone has picked on this gentle timeless classic to give it the House treatment. Mmmmm.

My DJ software tells me the original hit has a dance floor energy rating of 4 – which is pretty low. Whereas the latest version, still featuring Lionel’s casual delivery, has an energy rating of 7.

Strangely, despite the original being a slow track, it actually runs at 133 BPM (beats per minute). But the latest incarnation – called the Jet Boot Jack Club mix – runs at 128BPM. Although listening to it you’d never know.

Sadly, this is one remix that doesn’t work for me. Although I’m sure everything is in perfect sync, I can’t help feeling the new drum track races away, leaving the original for dust, and feeling slightly out of step.

Perhaps a more urban soul treatment may have refreshed this classic, or build a whole new song using just some of the vocal elements; enough to deliver familiarity with those who know the original while helping it appeal to a whole new audience.

Verdict: Miss

Steve Hart