DJ Steve

DJ Steve was resident at many popular clubs and pubs across Essex and Kent during the 1980s and 90s.

He kept people dancing at Southend clubs such as Zhivago’s, The Zero 6, High Society, Electric Blue, and many other Essex venues.

Across the Thames in Kent he played Neros 2000 (Ramsgate), Woody’s (Isle of Sheppey), and Oceans II (Hythe).

He was a Radio Top Shop DJ and did a bit of ‘professional’ radio here and there…But all that was a long time ago and in a distant land.

The Pleasuredome is a modest home for DJ Steve’s occasional sequence mixes and for enjoying non-stop 80s club classics via Pleasuredome Radio.

“I couldn’t scratch to save my life, but I knew what a musical key was and could beat mix the night away, drop in stuff over other tracks, blend an acapella here, a sound effect there…Then digital samplers, keyboards, and drum machines came along…There was no stopping me.”