Terms and conditions

My lawyer says I have to show this to you.

All the music used in Pleasuredome shows is copyrighted by the artists, writers, performers, and ‘record’ companies etc… so while you can access the radio shows for broadcast, paying to access the Pleasuredome shows does not grant you the rights to broadcast them without a licence.

All broadcasters and those who play music at public performances need to have a licence to cover their royalty payments.

Pleasuredome shows are strictly for radio and internet broadcasters that operate as a hobby, community resource, not-for-profit, or earn enough through advertising and donations to cover their costs.

Pleasuredome shows are not made to be released to corporate and professional radio broadcast companies or individuals who just want to play the shows at home.

Pleasuredome shows are not released as podcasts and should not be redistributed by Pleasuredome members, or anyone who happens to come across Pleasuredome shows by accident, in any manner whatsoever.

Members who download Pleasuredome shows should not share them with anyone else.

The fee to download Pleasuredome shows covers the cost of running this website.